The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham Review

Keep an eye out for a spoiler free, ‘Why you should read the Long Price Quartet’ This review contains spoilers for books 1-3 of the Long Price Quartet. Seriously, spoilers for the previous books, you have been warned. The Price of Spring is the conclusion to Daniel Abraham’s Long Price Quartet. This follows a decadeContinue reading “The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham Review”

An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham Review

An Autumn War is the penultimate book in the long price quartet. With this entry Abraham had solidified my love for this series. This book was one of the hardest hitting books I have ever read, it has left me dreading the conclusion of this series for all the right reasons. Resuming fourteen years afterContinue reading “An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham Review”

A Betrayal in Winter by Daniel Abraham Quick Review

Warning super quick thoughts coming. A Betrayal in Winter is the second book of the long price quartet, it follows on fourteen years after the end of the first book. In it we are introduced to a new cast and a new city, with just a couple of characters continuing on from the first book.Continue reading “A Betrayal in Winter by Daniel Abraham Quick Review”

A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham Review

A Shadow in Summer is a beautiful book. I don’t mean the physical book looks beautiful, and I don’t mean that it has particularly beautiful prose. However, the concept and execution of this story is beautiful. The first book of the Long Price Quartet, iA Shadow in Summer is set in an Asian inspired groupContinue reading “A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham Review”