The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson Review

The Rithmatist was Sanderson’s first foray into fantasy for a young adult audience. It follows Joel, a student who longs to be a Rithmatist however has no magical ability. Rithmatics is a great scientific hard magic system that Sanderson has become known for. It is a system based on chalk drawings of geometric patterns thatContinue reading “The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson Review”

The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E. Schwab Review

The invisible life of Addie Larue follows the story of it’s eponymous main character. Raised in 18th century France, Addie makes a faustian bargain and is cursed with both immortality and an inability to make a lasting impression. This mainly shows itself in the fact that nobody remembers her, as long as she is interactingContinue reading “The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by V.E. Schwab Review”

The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham Review

Keep an eye out for a spoiler free, ‘Why you should read the Long Price Quartet’ This review contains spoilers for books 1-3 of the Long Price Quartet. Seriously, spoilers for the previous books, you have been warned. The Price of Spring is the conclusion to Daniel Abraham’s Long Price Quartet. This follows a decadeContinue reading “The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham Review”

An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham Review

An Autumn War is the penultimate book in the long price quartet. With this entry Abraham had solidified my love for this series. This book was one of the hardest hitting books I have ever read, it has left me dreading the conclusion of this series for all the right reasons. Resuming fourteen years afterContinue reading “An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham Review”

A Study in Brimstone by GS Denning Review

A Study in Brimstone is the first book in the Warlock Holmes series. As you may have inferred the premise is rather simple, it’s an urban fantasy Sherlock Holmes but instead of using reason, logic, and deduction, Holmes uses arcane means to solve some of the more mysterious cases plaguing London. This first entry isContinue reading “A Study in Brimstone by GS Denning Review”

Bright Steel by Miles Cameron Review

Bright Steel is the final instalment in the Masters and Mages trilogy. It continues immediately after the conclusion of Dark Forge. Having only read the prologue of Bright Steel I knew that this book would be an improvement for me. It hooked me in straight away and took us back to the setting I lovedContinue reading “Bright Steel by Miles Cameron Review”

Dark Forge by Miles Cameron Review

Dark Forge is book two in Miles Cameron’s Masters and Mages trilogy. We continue following Aranthur, a student who has slipped into a plot way over his head. Dark forge follows on immediately after the end of Cold Iron. Interestingly Dark Forge feels very different to the first entry in this series, the context weContinue reading “Dark Forge by Miles Cameron Review”

A Betrayal in Winter by Daniel Abraham Quick Review

Warning super quick thoughts coming. A Betrayal in Winter is the second book of the long price quartet, it follows on fourteen years after the end of the first book. In it we are introduced to a new cast and a new city, with just a couple of characters continuing on from the first book.Continue reading “A Betrayal in Winter by Daniel Abraham Quick Review”

Cold Iron by Miles Cameron Review

In Cold Iron we are following Aranthur. He is a student at the academy and has shown a little magical talent. When journeying home for the holidays he breaks his journey at an inn and steps in to help when a woman is thrown from a passing coach. From here Aranthur is drawn into aContinue reading “Cold Iron by Miles Cameron Review”