Bright Steel by Miles Cameron Review

Bright Steel is the final instalment in the Masters and Mages trilogy. It continues immediately after the conclusion of Dark Forge. Having only read the prologue of Bright Steel I knew that this book would be an improvement for me. It hooked me in straight away and took us back to the setting I lovedContinue reading “Bright Steel by Miles Cameron Review”

Dark Forge by Miles Cameron Review

Dark Forge is book two in Miles Cameron’s Masters and Mages trilogy. We continue following Aranthur, a student who has slipped into a plot way over his head. Dark forge follows on immediately after the end of Cold Iron. Interestingly Dark Forge feels very different to the first entry in this series, the context weContinue reading “Dark Forge by Miles Cameron Review”

Cold Iron by Miles Cameron Review

In Cold Iron we are following Aranthur. He is a student at the academy and has shown a little magical talent. When journeying home for the holidays he breaks his journey at an inn and steps in to help when a woman is thrown from a passing coach. From here Aranthur is drawn into aContinue reading “Cold Iron by Miles Cameron Review”