The Price of Spring by Daniel Abraham Review

Keep an eye out for a spoiler free, ‘Why you should read the Long Price Quartet’

This review contains spoilers for books 1-3 of the Long Price Quartet.

Seriously, spoilers for the previous books, you have been warned.

The Price of Spring is the conclusion to Daniel Abraham’s Long Price Quartet. This follows a decade and a half after the end of An Autumn War, and is dealing with the fallout of the failed binding that happened at its conclusion.

Maati is still in exile, working to bring back the Andat. In contrast Otah on the other hand is trying to fix things through political dealings. This puts them somewhat at odds.

Abraham constraints his viewpoints in the final book, and I found it an interesting decision. Excluding prologue and epilogue we are only given two viewpoint characters. In a book where the stakes have become so high I feel this decision to focus on Maati and Otah really helped ground the story, and gave us a real personal insight into each side. It really does feel like we have grown with these characters over the years and it’s hard to see the divergence in their lives.

I do believe that this series functions incredibly well as a series. By that I mean that although each book is a self contained story, each sequel manages to retroactively improve the previous books. For example, A Shadow in Summer, for me was a great story, however it has only improved as we have understood more of our characters and as we see the ripple effects of their actions. This is even more the case with the secondary characters, we may not have seen someone for a whole book, and yet when they reappear they have aged and changed but they are still the same person. I have never seen an author follow characters over such a long time with a feeling of aging that felt so real, and that caused me to empathise with them to this level.

However, in many aspects this book isn’t as strong as An Autumn War in terms of a single book. However, as a conclusion to this series I think The Price of Spring does an admirable job. It brought a year to my eyes several times and manages to bring things to an end very well. For anyone who wasn’t sold on the first few books, this conclusion won’t change anything. For all those who loved the earlier books, I feel this is a conclusion that will satisfy.

This brought an end to a series I have thoroughly enjoyed, ending it with a solid entry. This was hovering between a 4.5 or 5 star rating. However on reflection, with the way this book makes the earlier entries even better on reflection, I’m going to round up.

5 stars


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