An Autumn War by Daniel Abraham Review

An Autumn War is the penultimate book in the long price quartet. With this entry Abraham had solidified my love for this series. This book was one of the hardest hitting books I have ever read, it has left me dreading the conclusion of this series for all the right reasons.

Resuming fourteen years after the conclusion of A Betrayal in Winter, we again follow a mixed cast of characters, some we have met before others that are new to us. With one of these new characters we finally get a viewpoint from the ‘enemy’. We are introduced to Balasar Gice a Galtic general, Abraham does a wonderful job humanising Gice to the point that it is hard to root against him, and in many ways I agreed with Gice and his motives.

Without diving too deeply into the plot, there are some brilliantly handled themes running through this book. Parenthood is explored from a few angles which hit particularly hard for me, responsibility and ownership of our flaws also ran throughout. These themes never felt heavy handed but seemed to flow naturally from the characters’ experience.

I think An Autumn War does a brilliant job using the character work and foreshadowing of the previous books to give us a deep connection to what’s happening. It doesn’t feel the need to heavily hammer home it’s points, it subtly allows us to infer emotion because we have grown up with many of the characters.

Also, that ending…

This is the best book of the three so far, it has left me eager to continue while also dreading what is to come. This series is definitely going to be slotting into my top ten series of all time.

5 stars.


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