A Study in Brimstone by GS Denning Review

A Study in Brimstone is the first book in the Warlock Holmes series. As you may have inferred the premise is rather simple, it’s an urban fantasy Sherlock Holmes but instead of using reason, logic, and deduction, Holmes uses arcane means to solve some of the more mysterious cases plaguing London.

This first entry is a novella followed by five short stories, to be honest, it hit a real sweet spot for me. I remember vividly listening to Sherlock Holmes stories as a child, while in the car on holiday. They were audiobooks that we as a whole family could partake in and enjoy. Denning managed to give me a large hit of nostalgia while bringing a humorous and fantastical take to the stories. For fans of the Dresden files, these short stories really felt similar to the short story collections that have been released by Jim Butcher, just replacing Harry and Murphy, with Sherlock (Warlock) and Watson.

I find it hard to separate this book from my nostalgia for Sherlock and my love of the early Dresden books. For me it was just a wonderful joyous jaunt through a mystical Victorian London. Often funny and more often ridiculous this was just great fun.

If you love fun urban fantasy and you love Sherlock Holmes, I think you will like this. I have seen nobody talk about this and I find that… (excuse the pun) criminal.

4 Stars


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