Bright Steel by Miles Cameron Review

Bright Steel is the final instalment in the Masters and Mages trilogy. It continues immediately after the conclusion of Dark Forge. Having only read the prologue of Bright Steel I knew that this book would be an improvement for me. It hooked me in straight away and took us back to the setting I loved from the first book.

Throughout Bright Steel, Cameron refrained from introducing too many new characters, and did a better job at fleshing out some of the secondary characters that I struggled with in Dark Forge. Aranthur continues to be an interesting protagonist and I enjoyed how throughout the series he learned more about the world as we did. It never felt info dumpey and although we gained much more understanding in the conclusion it never felt like information had been hidden from the reader in the earlier books.

As mentioned about the earlier entries, the combat is written very well and continued to be engaging. It was made more enjoyable as it was interspersed with other slower scenes which helped accentuate the action, for me this was a big improvement over book two. Each battle had a real purpose and goal which made it feel like there were stakes and not just fighting for the sake of it.

Overall this book was on a par with Cold Iron for me, and a step up from Dark Forge. This series was one I have enjoyed without it really blowing me away.

Bright Steel itself is a good conclusion to a fun series.

4 stars

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