A Betrayal in Winter by Daniel Abraham Quick Review

Warning super quick thoughts coming.

A Betrayal in Winter is the second book of the long price quartet, it follows on fourteen years after the end of the first book. In it we are introduced to a new cast and a new city, with just a couple of characters continuing on from the first book.

For a quick setting synopsis you can check out my A Shadow in Summer Review, I will be avoiding poilers for that first book during this review. What I will say is that this series really works for me. Book two took all the things I loved from the first one and refined them just slightly. The more I see of this world the more I love it.

This is definitely not your traditional epic fantasy, but Abraham does a wonderful job creating something different in this world of his. It enables us to really understand our cast of characters, so many have such conflicted thoughts and motivations, and many have to do the least badly they can in lose-lose situations.

The same slow plotting is prevalent from book one, although it is fractionally faster moving, so if you need action packed stories this might not be for you. If, however, you want to really understand and feel for the characters you follow I have no higher recommendation than the Long Price Quartet. Seriously, read it.

This book is just fractionally better than A Shadow in Summer and that tips it into five star territory.

5 stars

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