Cold Iron by Miles Cameron Review

In Cold Iron we are following Aranthur. He is a student at the academy and has shown a little magical talent. When journeying home for the holidays he breaks his journey at an inn and steps in to help when a woman is thrown from a passing coach. From here Aranthur is drawn into a fight to protect her and becomes embroiled in something so much bigger.

In many ways Cold Iron is a very classical style of fantasy. We follow Aranthur as our primary and only point of view, and very much see the world as he does. I can imagine our hero being quite divisive amongst readers, he is the typical farm boy and yet picks up many things rather quickly. My comparison for him would be Kvothe from The Name of the Wind, if you disliked Kvothe them the similarities here may be off putting, otherwise I find Aranthur an interesting enough protagonist.

Cameron’s prose is direct and enjoyable, allowing us to follow along clearly. This is particularly displayed in combat scenes. I often find combat in fantasy comes across muddled and a little confusing to follow. There is no such issue here, fights are beautifully choreographed and a delight to read.

The wider world we begin to discover along with our protagonist is interesting and feels very real. It also feels so large and he is the very smallest of cogs within it. This leads us to my one negative depending on your preferences, the story meanders a little with Aranthur being manoeuvred by other bigger players. I enjoyed just being in this world and learning about our characters, however if you need a tightly plotted story this may not be for you.

Overall this was a really good enjoyable read. I will definitely be continuing with this series.

4 stars

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