Mort by Terry Pratchett Review

I’m very late to the discworld party, and this is my first ever foray into Pratchett’s much acclaimed world. This seems to be one of the most recommended starting points along with Guards! Guards!

As a starting point I found this a very enjoyable entry, I got a feel for Pratchett’s style and humour, both of which meshed well with my preferences. There is a real Monty Python-esque feel to this story which I adored.

The characterisation of both Mort and Death is brilliant. They had real distinct characters and motivations which can often lack in more comedic books. I can already understand why Death is one of discworlds most beloved characters, which will undoubtedly only become more clear as I continue on in this series.

I would definitely recommend this as a starting point if you’ve never read any discworld before. We get little glimpses into Ankh-Morpork and a feel for that city, as well as insights into unseen university and the wizards. These little glimpses have actually made me more excited to pick up the city watch and wizards sub-series.

Overall this was a very fast and enjoyable read, the humour was great and included some interesting insights as well.

I will definitely be continuing this series.

4 stars

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