Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo Review

Six of crows is a young adult fantasy, it’s central plot is that of a heist and the building of a ragtag crew to get it done. This book isn’t necessarily bad, but I don’t think I am it’s target audience.

I found the pacing early on to be very slow and struggled to connect with the characters. Often we are told that a character is amazing or a badass but we don’t see much to corroborate this. Our introduction to Kaz is one of the few times where we actually see one of the characters be as competent as we are told that they are.

I found the romance angle we got on some of the relationships a little weak, and somewhat unrealistic. It was angst ridden and just not for me.

I will say that the slow pacing improved in the second half of the book. Once we got into the heist proper it was more engaging. My only issue with the heist was that we were told so often how impossible it will be, yet it never holds up its end of the bargain. It’s never as challenging as the author implies it’s going to be. There was a lot of telling with little showing.

The ending was interesting, although I found it insightful that one of the big emotional beats at the end relied on us caring about a tertiary character who we barely know. We didn’t have enough time with them to care. Thankfully this isn’t the main beat but it does show an issue with this book. A big cast with not enough time with each character, many of the characters we do get enough time with a lot of it is spent flashing back to scenes that just slowed down the plot.

Overall it did end well, and I can see why it would hook you in for the sequel.

Generally, I do feel that there is lots to like in this book, however I don’t feel that it is written for me. If you are into YA fantasy and like the angsty romance angles this may well be for you.

However for me this is somewhere between a dislike and meh.

2.5 stars

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