Red Rising by Pierce Brown Review

Red rising is a dystopian sci-fi book, following Mars based Darrow, a lowly red, as he fights for a rebellion against his society’s class system that is led by the golds.

Brown did a wonderful job getting me emotionally invested in Darrow’s story from early on. I empathised with him even with minimal time spent before the inciting incident. The world we get thrown into felt very real to me, and Darrow has very understandable motives. His characterisation was a real strong point in this book, and as a first person narrator I found it enjoyable to be along for the ride with him.

This book was fast paced and pulled me through the story really well, there were only one or two moments where it lulled and I felt it was slightly easier to set it down. All in all though it was a fast read.

Characterisation of the secondary characters didn’t seem quite as realistic to me, compared to Darrow. I would describe it as a mixed bag, some were great others feel a little flat or under explored.

My main complaint however is how the promise Brown gives us in part one, doesn’t really match the payoff we get through the climax of the book. The initial setup had me super excited for a style of plot that kind of took a left turn into something else. Where we ended up was by no means bad, but I didn’t have the excitement for it that the plot I was hoping for would have given me. Towards the end this does start to get back on track and left my with some excitement as to where we will be heading in future books in this series.

Minor complaint aside, I really enjoyed this opening to the series. I will definitely be continuing and have high hopes for where this series will take me.

This was a solid first entry.

4 stars

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