Towers of Midnight by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson Review

Be aware for possible spoilers up until The Gathering Storm.

What can I say about book thirteen of a series? Well I can say this. I thought it was great. Sanderson really hits his stride in his second entry into the Wheel of Time.

Storylines began converging in a way that really started to build excitement for the end of this series. A thread for Mat that we have been waiting a while for, came crashing into the forefront of the story and was beautifully handled.

Nynaeve continues to grow into one of my favourite characters in this series. If you had told me that would be the case around book five I would have laughed at you. Her growth has really been amazingly well handled, developing into a brilliantly complex yet really relatable character.

I have got the impression that Perrin’s arc in this book is disliked by much of the fan base, I however thought it was serviceable and well managed if not amazingly inspired. Be aware that I don’t think I ever hated Perrin to the same extent as some of the fan base, so I am willing to give more leeway than others. If you have been hating Perrin I doubt this book will change your mind.

For Elayne I could basically repeat the paragraph above, just replacing her name for Perrin’s. If you hate her, you still will.

Some of our other characters take a bit of a backseat as we set up for the finale. Egwene is much more in the background after her breakout book, The Gathering Storm. We do get some nice development of her relationships however. Rand is also often absent, however he and Egwene do both get moments to show just how awesome they can be.

In many respects, Towers of Midnight really felt like getting everything in order for A Memory of Light. To be honest it did that really well, and I feel the need to jump into the finale as soon as I possibly can.

I would rate this as a solidly good Wheel of Time book, not on the level of TSR or TGS but slotting nicely with FoH, LoC and KoD in the second tier. Rating wise it is wavering between 4.5 – 5 Stars, I’m giving it a bump for the hype of reaching the finale in a series I love. If you made it through the slog this is more reward for you.

5 stars

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