Paternus: War of Gods by Dyrk Ashton Review

War of Gods is the conclusion to Dyrk Ashton’s urban fantasy trilogy, Paternus. Ashton’s world has been expanding since book one and has become an epic universe full of people and beings that we are becoming more and more acquainted with. For fans of mythology and folklore this series is a gold mine, with characters pulled from a plethora of different religions and cultures, and characterised in interesting ways.

War of Gods picks up immediately after the events of book two, although it slows the pace somewhat at the start of book three. The slower pace did make it a little tricky to keep reading during part one, however I promise that picks up dramatically as we head through part two and three. I do feel that the slower pace really helped to set up for later in the book and was probably necessary, but it did make the first half of the book drag a little.

As I’ve said in previous reviews, I don’t love the third person omniscient point of view we get, as I find it makes it harder for us to empathise with any individual character. With a cast of characters this large however I feel it’s an understandable choice. Ashton also makes clever use of this narrative device later on, which I appreciate and actually made me view it differently throughout the series on reflection.

The ending felt epic in all the right ways and to be honest I think Ashton pretty much stuck the landing in most of the important areas. The scale of this series increased exponentially throughout the books leaving you with a truly epic finale. Epic and satisfying which is something I really value in an ending.

Overall Paternus: War of Gods was a fitting ending for an enjoyable series and the best book of the three in my opinion. My rating would have been higher if not for the slow start, but still definitely worth the read.

4.5 stars

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