Paternus: Wrath of Gods by Dyrk Ashton Review

Paternus: Wrath of Gods is book two in the Paternus trilogy, a self published urban fantasy series by Dyrk Ashton. After finishing the first book, Rise of Gods, I was very interested to see where this series went, even though I didn’t absolutely love it. Having continued on, I do believe that Wrath of Gods is a big step up in quality over Rise of Gods. 

Everything I loved in the first book is still present here, a diverse and interesting cast of characters and a wonderful use of real world mythology. Ashton expands on his world building, filling in gaps and incorporating more and more ideas into an incredibly well researched and thought through world. From book one the world was the biggest draw for me, and that has only increased with this second installment. 

As well as returning to the world I loved, Ashton has also improved on some of the complaints I had previously. The plot started to push on with a real urgency, it was more focussed and flowed with more intent. 

I enjoyed our main characters immeasurably more than in Rise of Gods, due to them being placed in more interesting situations, and to me generally feeling like more rounded people. I had found the 3rd person omniscient style created a distance from the characters in the first book, however here Ashton managed to get me much more into his characters’ heads. I felt far more attached to, and involved with everyone. 

All in all Ashton managed to retain the charm of his first entry, while improving some of the aspects I disliked. That to me makes this a successful sequel. 

Some issues are still there. It did get a little info dumpy in some sections and felt almost like reading an encyclopedia entry for the world. However, the world is so huge and clearly very well researched that those sections didn’t actually feel boring. It often felt like I was getting some cool little tidbits of lore that were pretty interesting.

I feel Ashton has really hit his stride as a writer, and there were a few scenes here that hit me in the feels. Paternus: Wrath of Gods for me was a real improvement and I’m even more invested in this series. The world is still amazing and the plot is really building into an urban fantasy epic. I am really looking forward to finishing this trilogy. 

A really solid 4 stars. 

Go forth and read.


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